You will love the look and the feel of these knives.




MON 36300 - Chef Knife

Couteau Chef

200 mm





MON 36301 - Santoku Knife

165 mm




MON 36302 - Utility Knife

Couteau Universelle

120 mm




MON 36303 - Paring Knife

Couteau d'Office

80 mm




MON 36306 - Boning Knife

Couteau a Desosser

150 mm




MON 36308 - Bread Knife

Couteau a Pain

230 mm




MON 36309 - Carving Knife

Couteau a Trancher

255 mm




MON 36310 - Chef Knife

Couteau Chef

255 mm




MON 36312 - Santoku

125 mm


GouSharp 37022


This water sharpener is quite versatile and has the following advantages:


The 2 wheels have a 400 grid, WA#400. The wheels are good for at least 5000 grindings. The sharpening angle is 30 degrees and sharpens the left and right side of the knife seperately. For this reason, it will sharpen SASHIMI or one sided knives... The sharpening wheels are replaceable, should it ever be necessary. To top it off, it will also grind European or normal stainless steel knives. Because of the #400 grid, there is no problem to use it on a factory new knife.