A sharp knife for children?

Exactly, CHROMA Captain Cook knives are no dull-edged toys for children to mash up the veggies - CHROMA Captain Cook Knives are sharp professional tools adapted to the needs of "little hands". They are favorites for the tender hands of ladies too.

Children are creative by nature and almost all of them just love to cook. Children who cook for themselves are automatically more conscious of what they eat and will avoid junk food. Children can learn to handle kitchen knives properly with this product; making it safe by having a rounded tip, and a slip proof handle well suited for small hands.

Leading nutritionist Dagma von Cramm calls on parents and educators to cook together with children. "Not only does this prevent obesity, but it also trains skills and promotes children's development." The blades of CHROMA Captain Cook knives are manufactured from Japanese "301 Stainless Steel" and remain sharp for a very long time. It is the same steel as used for the famous "Porsche knives", CHROMA Type 301, designed by F.A. Porsche.


  • The handle of this knife is ergonomically designed for small hands.
  • The handle can be grasped firmly at the front, its surface is designed to fit in the palm of your hand.
  • The soft plastic handle with addition of the rubber compound allows for a secure grip.
  • The rounded tip of the knife is designed to reduce and minimize accidental injury.
  • When children use Captain Cook knives, it should be done only under the supervision of an adult.

8.5 cm


14.5 cm

18 cm



Captain COOK set

Set - 3 (Also available in a set of 3)

Aussie disponible comme un set à rois

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