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In Japan, the art of the sword smith has a long tradition. Today HAIKU knives are manufactured in small Japanese knife factories out of high-grade modern steel. Borrowing from an ancient method, a bamboo peg ("mekugi") is inserted from the side into every HAIKU knife where the tang and handle are joined for added stability.

To this day, traditional sword smiths in Japan use this time-tested technique when crafting swords like those once used by the samurai of medieval Japan.

HAIKU - the Japanese knife with the honoki-wood handle.

Often Imitated - Only Authentic with the Falcon.

What does HAIKU mean?

The Haiku is a highly artistic form of poetry, developed among the noble classes of Japan in the 16th century. Translated literally it means "witticism." The meter and content of a Haiku are "sharpen to a fine edge."

It is written in a three-lined stanza, contains precisely seventeen syllables, and often relays a razor-sharp critique of current issues




2005 Winner of Bocuse d'Or Serge Vieira and his favorite knives.







2007 Winner of Bocuse d'Or Fabrice Desvignes a and his HAIKU knives






H-10 CHROMA Haiku hatsuru scissors

H-11 CHROMA Haiku
hatsuru scissors
12 cm

H-11 CHROMA Haiku whetstone

H-11 CHROMA Haiku
grain size: 800